A Step by Step Guide in Online Shopping

Aloha! It doesn't matter if it's your first or second time to check out our website. It's relatively new and it undeniably took us years to launch a website after uploading our weekly collections on Instagram. 

Incase you're new to this whole online shopping. We'd love to guide you a step by step on ordering through our website. 

1. I like what I saw on Instagram. But where is it in your website?

Like what you see? Go get it, girl! If you have heard about our website through our Instagram page, and you're not sure which of the ones we posted is our exact item name/code, shop our Instagram here. Just hover on the photo you saw, click Shop It. Check the right side description and click! It will redirect you to the product page.

2. Creating an account- is it necessary?

It's not, but if you create an account it stores your shipping details to save you time from typing it all over again the next time you order from us again. Please keep in mind that we will never store or sell all your payment and shipping details. Our website is SSL protected.

3. Can I pay via bank deposit or credit card?

Yes and yes. Bank deposits can be done over the counter or through mobile transfer. We require a screenshot as a proof of payment once you have paid.
For credit card, PayPal is only our gateway for credit card payments. We suggest you make a PayPal account to start using this mode. Again, we never store your credit card details. We have no control to store them.
4. Do you offer coupon codes?
YES. To get PHP 50 off your total, enter SOLEIL50!
5. I would like to change orders. Is this possible?
We do not encourage changing of orders. Please only make a Check Out once you're 110% sure of what you're getting!
6. How will I get my invoice? 
Usually all invoices get sent out minutes after completing your purchase through the e-mail address you provided. Incase you did not receive any, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at hello@soleilswimwear.com or through Viber message: 0927-725-1050. No SMS please.